Family business

Tramper Technology pushes the boundaries of technology, efficiency and reliability. The solid foundation for this was laid in 1986 by Peter Tramper. In the past years, we have developed into an international expert in the field of stand-alone and complete packaging solutions for the food industry. We are a real family business with more than thirty-five years of experience, a strong focus on innovation and have a team of more than fifty employees and partners in various parts of the world. This enables us to deliver robust and reliable machines and packaging lines to customers on every continent.

Innovative packaging solutions

Although we started out by supplying machines for the shellfish industry, our packaging lines are now used in all areas of the food industry. Not only in various industries, but also in various countries. We closely observe market developments and challenge one another as a team to come up with and realize innovative packaging solutions on a daily basis. Thanks to our unstoppable drive and focus on creativity, reliability and technical perfection, we can work together on the practical aspects of today and the innovation of tomorrow.


All packaging solutions are developed and built in-house. Our professionals have access to high-quality tools and machines. Combined with solid craftsmanship, this ensures that we produce the best possible packaging lines. With 10,000 m2 of business premises, we have the optimal space to carry out the entire process under our own management: from development and manufacturing to delivery and installation.

Our factory