The perfect packaging solution

Top seal or lid

Dairy products come in many different shapes and forms: slices or cubes, triangular or square, liquid, spreadable or as a solid product.

Whatever the product is, it can be packaged with a customized tray-sealing line or lidding line from Tramper Technology.

Shelf life

The main challenges in the dairy industry are the microbiological processes that cause dairy products to mould quickly.

Because MAP packaging ensures that the shelf life of these products is considerably extended, all our machines are fully equipped for this!

Customized packaging line

What type of packaging solution are you looking for? We are happy to make an inventory of your wishes.

After all, different requirements and specifications apply for each product, packaging and process. Together, we will come up with the best packaging solution for your dairy product!

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Interested in one of our products, or in for advice about your packaging process?

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