Stand-alone lidding

If you want to be absolutely sure that your reclosable packaging is properly closed, choose for our stand-alone lidding system. The stand-alone lidding units are particularly suitable if the trays are not supplied by a Tramper packaging line. For example, when trays are filled manually or when the trays are exiting a thermoformer.

In case of random delivery of (thermoforming) packaging, the standard lid system is equipped with a separation system. This system places the packages on the correct pitch for the lidding machine.

In order to lid accurately, a tray support unit is placed below the lidding unit with a combination of a centering and fixation system. It centres and secures each tray individually before the lid is positioned and applied.


  • Two lidding range options: 600 x 300 mm or 800 x 320 mm
  • Smart servo-controlled system
  • Used for single and double lane lidding
  • Easily exchangeable tooling for quick changeover times

This solution is widely used in these industries

Dairy Dairy
Bakery Bakery
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