Fully automatic tray sealing machine

The S-360 tray sealing machine has a compact and extremely robust construction. With its stainless steel design, it fully complies with the demanding hygienic standards within the food industry. In addition, the S-360 is characterized by excellent ease of use and high achievable capacities.

The tray sealer is suitable for processing almost any sealable packaging within the range 300x600 mm. It lends itself to single lane tray sealing applications for packing a wide range of products, such as fruit and vegetables through to fish, meat, snacks, bakery, poultry, dairy products and ready meals.

The desired setup is formed by a basic version of the tray sealing machine, which can be fitted with a variety of options.

Furthermore, the tray sealing machine is standardly equipped with a servo controlled film transport system with snap detection and a film unwinding reel. A double film reel is optionally available.


Quick changeover time

Sealing range


less than five minute changeovers with easily exchangeable tooling
600x300x130 mm (LxWxH)
easy and intuitive handling of the packaging process

Quick changeover time

less than five minute changeovers with easily exchangeable tooling

Sealing range

600x300x130 mm (LxWxH)


easy and intuitive handling of the packaging process

Walking beam

The tray sealing machine is standardly equipped with an infeed conveyor with a length of approximately 3,000 mm. The infeed system is designed as a walking beam transport system with a stroke length of 650 mm, which transports the trays step-by-step and accurately positions the trays. The movement of the walking beam transport system is servo driven and equipped with easily exchangeable tooling for changeovers between different tray sizes.

The transport speed of the infeed conveyor can be freely programmed per product via the controls of the sealing machine.

Specifications of the tray sealer

  • Sealing range: 600 x 300 x 130 mm (LxWxH)
  • Capacity: up to 15 cycles per minute
  • Suitable for the sealing of products in liquid and solid form
  • Prepared for Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Suitable for printed, resealable or perforated film
  • New 15.6" user-friendly HMI operator touch screen
  • Extremely simple conversion between different tray sizes with quick release tools
  • Accurate movement, easy adjustment and easy cleaning due to walking beam conveyor
  • Optionally available with a separation system (for random tray supply)
  • Can be equipped with a tray denester, filling system, product vibrator and lidding machine

This machine is widely used in these industries

Vegetables Vegetables
Snacks Snacks
Fruit Fruit
Ready meals Ready meals
Dairy Dairy
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