Reclosable packaging

With a servo controlled lidding solution, you can be sure that your reclosable packaging is properly closed. With our lidding system integrated into a Tramper packaging line, the position of trays in relation to the lids is always aligned precisely. The supply of trays to the lidding system is precisely coordinated on the correct pitch by our walking beam transport system.

This solution is suitable for single and multiple lidding and can be used on both a single and double lane packaging lines. The machine is standardly equipped with a product memory for storing product settings. In combination with the easily exchangeable tooling, this ensures quick changeover times.


  • Two lidding range options: 600 x 300 mm or 800 x 320 mm
  • Smart servo-controlled system
  • Used for single and double lane lidding
  • Easily exchangeable tooling for quick changeover times

This solution is widely used in these industries

Snacks Snacks
Dairy Dairy
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